Extensibility Feature in iOS 8 to Save Your Time

The Extensibility feature in the iOS 8 is slated to release this fall. The iOS 8 is the latest operating system version from Apple, which can be used for tablets and Smartphones.

Extensibility Feature

The Extensibility feature is one of the most talked about feature in the latest OS version. With the help of the app, users will be able to share both functionality as well as any information. It doesn’t even use up any time, so it is a big time saving measure. The time is saved as a user does not need to switch between apps.

Before the Extensibility feature, you would need to open a certain app to use it, be it editing images or sending messages. However, accessing the features of such other apps will be possible right from Apple’s native app.

For example, if you wish to edit images with Adobe Photoshop Express, you can directly access the tools using Extensibility feature from Adobe app. This acts as the ‘extension’. And the Photos app from Apple will have the access to this extension.Apple acquires Beats, Extensibility Feature

Extensibility Feature with 1Password

The Extensibility feature can be easily used with the 1Password app. The company has even demonstrated how this feature can be used. Earlier, what you needed to do was to boot up with 1Password and then copy the passwords you used for certain sites. After this, a user needed to open the site and paste the password there.

However, the Extensibility feature omits the (unnecessary) steps in between. Even other apps can be used with 1Password without the need to open them.

Using the Extensibility Feature

The Extensibility feature supports various extensions. But, it depends on how it is used and with what apps the info is shared. Apple simply wants to have full access to whatever information you have and that you share with any other app. In other words, a certain app will not be able to request your sensitive password from 1Password but for your demand.

More information with Extensibility Feature

Extensibility feature is secure, no doubt, but it brings you more information as well. Apple allows extension to be plugged in directly in the Notification Center. This gives it the form of a widget. With this Extensibility feature, you can then keep yourself updated with the latest scores of your favorite sports.

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