Facebook Messenger Lite Expanded to Dozens of More Countries

Facebook has expanded the market of Facebook Messenger Lite to 150 additional countries including many developed markets like Germany, Japan, and Netherlands.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite app, a lighter version of company’s main Messenger app was launched by Facebook for Android October 2016 with a special focus on the developing markets of the world. As suggested by the name itself, the app was designed in such a way that it can easily run on older versions of smartphones or low-end hardware mobiles without much hindrance or complications as it takes very less memory space as compared to the original version of the app.

The lite version takes less processing power to function and hence consumes less data. But, till now the reach of this lighter version app was limited to a very small number of countries. But, The users will be glad to learn that the Facebook finally has decided to expand the reach of Facebook Messenger Lite app.The reach of the new Lite version has now expanded to additional 150 countries included in them are countries like Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Netherland, Vietnam, Colombia, Algeria, Turkey, Nigeria, Peru, and Morocco.

Facebook Messenger Lite
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With this announcement, the company broke the stereotype of keeping the lite versions for developing markets only. So, people who feel that the full-fledged Messenger app consumes much space of their device’s memory and leave the phone hanging many times but still want to keep the app and use it anyway because of its strong social network connectivity, this version is just an amazing alternative for you. If you are one amongst them then go and download Facebook Messenger Lite app from your Play store.

It is important to note that like any lite version, you will be losing little on the quality of the features and services of the original version. For Facebook Messenger Lite app, you will have to compromise little on certain features like the entire third-party development platform, camera effects as well as the Messenger Day. But, if you are not bothered by any of these feature then it will be a great and lite experience for you.

Happy Facebook Messaging with  Facebook Messenger Lite!


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