Facebook Surround 360 Camera Design Shown off

Facebook Surround 360 camera is the latest offering from the house of Facebook. It has an innovative design and has amazing looks to grab your attention.

Facebook Surround 360 Camera


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. More than half the population of the world is connected with each other over this site. As Facebook owners are well aware about the fact that people access this site on search a large scale, therefore they keep on putting efforts to provide new things and ameliorate the quality of the existing facilities that it provides.

Surround 360

One sphere of innovation where Facebook has been working since long is the designs of the Facebook Surround 360 camera. The setup of the camera is quite different compared to the others. However it can be created by the others as well. The company has unfolded the designs of this camera and has termed it Surround 360. Users have an access to this camera and they are free to edit the contents as per their desire and requirement.

Secret Move

It is now is headlines that Facebook is giving away the designs of the device. This company uploaded the blueprint of the Facebook Surround 360 camera as well as the stitching code to Github on July 26 this year.


Reasons Behind the Move

The major reason for having made such a move is likely to be the aim and hope of achieving ameliorated quality along with 3600 footage.

It is speculated that Facebook will provide a bulk of an amount to the content creators that are successful in becoming the most popular of the lot.

This is a welcome move on the part of Facebook. No doubt, it’s worth welcoming. Let’s know what your views about the Facebook Surround 360 camera are by commenting below. We welcome them!


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