Firefox OS Spice Fire One Mi FX 1 Smartphone launched

Spice has launched the Fire One Mi FX 1, the Smartphone with the Firefox OS. According to the new Smartphone news, the Spice Smartphone may be the cheapest in the world.

The price of the Fire One Mi FX 1 in India is Rs. 2,299, which amounts to roughly $38.

Spice Fire One Mi FX 1

The Spice Smartphone launch in India is the first Smartphone to be launched with the Firefox OS. The Smartphone at this price tag makes it the cheapest in the country. So, those users who are thinking of switching over to a new phone or are wanting to buy a new on a budget, the Fire One Mi FX 1 is one for you.Fire One Mi FX 1

The launch of the phone will intensify the competition in the Indian market that is already flooded with Smartphone brands from all over the world, including domestic manufacturers.

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Low-end Smartphones like the Fire One Mi FX 1 have a large market. In India, mostly such gadgets are sold in a majority way. In fact, according to IDC, more than 80% of the 18.42 million Smartphones that are sold in the first quarter of this financial year fall in the below $200 category.

More About Fire One Mi FX 1

The Fire One Mi FX 1 may have a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen and will be built with 1GHz processor. Even at this price, Spice has provided two cameras. The rear camera will be 2MP unit, while the front camera will be 1.3MP shooter.

Intex Launch Next Week

The Spice device will not be alone in the market for a long time, however. Another handset manufacturer, Intex will be bringing in the market a similar phone.

Intex will launch the Cloud FX Smartphone supported by the Firefox operating system. This Smartphone launch in India will take place on Monday. It is expected that the price of the Intex device will be less than Fire One Mi FX 1.

Like the Spice handset, the Intex phone that will run on Firefox OS, will also have a 3.5 inch screen. It will support dual-SIM feature. The internal storage will be 256 MB, while the RAM will be of 128MB capacity.

Firefox has tied up with only a few vendors in the world for their handset to be priced at only $25. The Smartphone is targeted at emerging markets, which also includes India.

In India, the use of Smartphones is quickly on the rise. However, the use of feature phones is still lacking behind. And Intex and Spice will look to bridge this gap with Fire One Mi FX 1.

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