Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week VIII Blog Posts

In the eighth week of the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series, we are here once again. We bring this series of weekly posts which sees all the posts of the past week in a single look. It gets all that easier for you to run through what happened in the past week.

So, without losing any further moment, here are the blog posts from Sunday 01/02/2015 to Saturday 07/02/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Where Is the Android Lollipop Update, Google?


The first of the four blogs published last week, takes a look at the absence of the Google Android 5.0 Lollipop update. It was supposed to be on many of the current smart devices. However, the update is missing from a bulk of Smartphones and tablets.

There is a blame game as Google says that it is the phone companies who should make the newer versions available for download. They say that many companies provide customized versions of Android. So, they should take the initiative in making available the Android 5.0 Lollipop update available.

Let’s see how fast Android phones get the 5.0 OS version now.

Business Blogging Results: How to Get Business Results

business-blogging-resultsBusiness blogging is one of the most important aspects for success in business. And blogging has become an integral part of online business these days. If you are blogging for a certain product, you must definitely go through this blog post. You will, hopefully, get many handy tips.

You will need to target your audience, speak about your product and many more things related to business blogging. You will also need to build healthy network to spread the word about your product. Such mouth-publicity will also help you in growing your business.

You must definitely see the blog post for more details.

Twitter Google Deal: Tweets Will Be More Searchable

twitter-google-dealThe Twitter Google deal will help the internet searchers in more way than one. In particular, the presence of tweets will soon be there for every one of us to see. The Google search will also display the latest tweets about that particular search term making available more information (and links) about a particular topic.

There was a similar deal between the two companies in 2011. However, it never saw the light of the day as Google Plus came into being. Google wanted to challenge other social networking sites that were already popular by then.

The details of the deal were not exposed.

WhatsApp Voice Call Android Testing Underway

Image: WhatsApp

Coming to the last blog post of the week, we wrote about the WhatsApp voice call Android. WhatsApp is on the verge of making voice calls available on their platform like the current messaging system. The Android users will be the first ones to get the voice calling feature.

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that has taken the cyber world by storm. Sharing text, images and videos is a breeze. And with the introduction of something like WhatsApp voice call Android will certainly add value to the app. Moreover, it will also create more competition amongst such apps like, WeChat, Viber and Line.

The feature isn’t still on iOS, but is likely to be there sooner than later.


It is a great feeling to bring to you the Gadget Garrio Weekly Series on a regular basis. These week’s posts were also fun to write and share with you all. Please do not forget to share the blog post.

We are leaving with a promise of bringing to you something similar next week too.

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