Galaxy Note 7 India Relaunch to Happen on October 7

According to a report, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch date is October 7. Samsung has to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 units globally after some of the devices met with battery explosion incidents.

Galaxy Note 7 India Relaunch

Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch

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Samsung has been involved in the news since the launch of Galaxy Note 7. The device was launched in India the last month.Since its launch, some news had surfaced relating to battery explosion and the device’s battery cell catching fire. And due to these incidents the company was forced to call off its newly launched device and replace all the existing ones. Samsung would have started the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 units on 2nd September in India.

To take a note, Samsung Electronics has already confirmed that the replacement stock of the Galaxy Note 7 will be available in Australia starting from Sept 21.

Well, people residing in India have also been put on hold who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7. The company had sent out messages to the customers in the region mentioning that their shipments are likely to get delayed.

But now according to a new report, Samsung will be relaunching the Galaxy Note 7 in the country. And Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch is going to happen on October 7. The report further suggests that there would be a vigorous marketing strategy along with the relaunch. The marketing push will mainly concentrate on the idea for intimating the customers about the safety of the Galaxy Note 7’s latest units.

The Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch will specifically highlight the fact that the latest units of Galaxy note 7 are completely safe. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch should also ensure that the new units are not the refurbished ones which the company has called off earlier. It seems that Samsung has to play a bit harder as the Galaxy Note 7’s new competitor is the Apple iPhone 7.

So going with reports, it’s still time to see whether the Galaxy Note 7 India relaunch would actually happen. But meanwhile, you can take a look on the videos that showcases almost all the feature that the device sports. And don’t forget to tell us, if you are excited to know that Galaxy Note 7 could be coming back soon.


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