Galaxy Note 7 India Sales to Start Prior to Diwali: Report

After a long wait, now Samsung Galaxy Note 7 India sales could strike ahead of Diwali. The company was expected to launch the devices there on 2nd September. But due to battery fire incidents, it decided to temporarily block all the sales.

Galaxy Note 7 India Sales


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been launched in India in the last month. Soon after the global launch, the device was in the headlines as some of the device’s battery had caught fire and exploded as well. The battery cell fire issue has got some major accidents also. Due to these incidents, Samsung had to immediately call off all its Galaxy Note 7 devices globally. Customers were asked to return their Galaxy Note 7 devices and they were provided with a fresh piece of a device instead. Samsung had also agreed to provide a refund if customers hesitated to take another Galaxy Note 7.

In India also, people who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7, have been later notified that the delivery for the device would get delayed. Albeit, the shipments have not yet been delivered and there is no official word from Samsung in this regard.


It seems that now Samsung is rejuvenating. According to an earlier news the South Korean giant is planning to re-release the Galaxy Note 7 in India on October 7. But according to a new report by Mashable India, Samsung has planned a relaunch of Galaxy Note 7 India sales before Diwali. Sounds great, isn’t it?

We know that Diwali is a big festival in India and it is quite similar to the festivals like Christmas in the western countries. And we also know that bigger companies like Samsung, HP, etc. target to launch their new devices and products during this festival. That’s because companies usually get a spike in sales on their products during this period.

And in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 India sales, it would be much better to relaunch the device around this time. So that the elevated sales, could make-up for the heavy losses that the company has to bear when it had to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Anyway, Diwali is around the corner and it will be celebrated on October 30. So if this report is to be believed then Galaxy Note 7 India sales could start ahead of October 30. This is indeed a good news specifically for the Samsung lovers, who were waiting to try their hands on the new Galaxy Note 7.

We are very excited to know that Galaxy Note 7 India sales are going to happen prior to October 30. What do you feel about the report? Are you as excited? Do post a comment mentioning your anticipation.


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