Galaxy Note III to ship in September with Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung might start shipping the Samsung Galaxy Note III from September onwards. The Samsung Galaxy Note III is the next generation Galaxy Note apparatus from the house of Samsung. Samsung is likely to announce the Note III along with the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at the event next month.

Galaxy Note III

This event will take place on September 4 in Berlin. According to a report by Sam Mobile, the company could ship both these devices anywhere between September 2 and September 8 – which is the 36th week of the year.Samsung Galaxy Note III

After this, the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is likely to start shipping. It starts around the 40th week. That means the shipping might commence from September 30 to anywhere up to October 6. However, all these are estimates and aren’t the final dates.
There is also a very important claim. Accordingly, Samsung is expected to remove the 16GB memory variant from their portfolio in the near future. This means, the variant of the higher storage capacity – the 32GB variant starts as the one with lowest storage capacity.

If these claims are true, then there is no valid reason in sight right now as there is no official statement from the company as yet. However, there could be one reason for this change. There weren’t positive reports about Samsung Galaxy S4 that it only carried 8.82 GB of internal storage when it was being tagged as a 16GB variant.

As far as the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is concerned, there are some rumored specifications about the device. It is being reported that the Smartwatch might come with 1.5GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos 4212 processor accompanied by 1GB RAM. The AMOLED screen is rumored to be about 1.67 inches and will carry a resolution of 320 X 320 pixels.

The device is likely to have been developed with 2 MP camera along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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