Galaxy S10 Roundup: Rumors, Leaks and What we Know so Far

The next flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S10 is quite in the talks these days. The Galaxy S10 rumors are out almost daily. So we decided to get a Galaxy S10 roundup done. Find out how the new flagship is taking shape.

Galaxy S10 Roundup

Galaxy S10 Roundup
Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept – CC BY

When it comes to Samsung, the Galaxy range stands out as a flagship series, that is known to offer top-of-the-line features to its users. However, of late, Samsung has been facing tough times, especially in the Indian market from the likes of Xiaomi. And a few other Chinese brands like Oppo and Huawei. After Samsung lost the top position in India as the largest selling brand, it was time to do brainstorming and bring out new ideas.

One of them was to offer top-line features to mid-range phones. The idea seemed to work and the A and J series did quite well in India in the affordable segment. That doesn’t mean the premium features will all be for the mid-range phones. Actually, the next flagship will be a landmark for Samsung in many ways than one. A few days back, we talked about the Galaxy S10 possibly having a 3D camera. But let’s dive into more details with the Galaxy S10 roundup.

Three Galaxy S10 Models Certified in China

In a report published last month, Samsung had got three models of the Galaxy S10 certified in China. These three models are SM-G9700, SM-G9730, and SM-G9750. Here the last “0” stands for the Chinese market. This means the models with these codes are only for the Chinese market. As far as the international markets are concerned, “F” replaces the “0”, which make them the listed models as SM-G970F, SM-G973F, and SM-G975F.

Screen Sizes of the new Galaxy S10

The first of these two models will reportedly come with 5.8-inches screens. The third of these phones will obviously be a bit bigger with a 6.44-inches display. The current Galaxy S9 also has the same 5.8-inch screen, while the Galaxy S9+ is bigger at 6.2-inches. No doubt, Samsung is targeting a bigger display for the new flagship.

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5G Support for the Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 Roundup

As one would expect, the Galaxy S10 would be a landmark phone from Samsung. And as most of us would expect the premium phone coming out with a 5G support. However, DJ Koh, who is the mobile business head Samsung, has clarified that the Galaxy S10 won’t be the first 5G smartphone from the company.

Three Galaxy S10 Variants of Four?

As per the Galaxy S10 roundup, we have already talked about Samsung bringing out three variants of the S10. Two of these phones will have 5.8-inches screens, while the third will be bigger with 6.44-inches. But the rumor (as you may call it) once surfaced that the S10 will have four variants. So, how would that be possible? The answer is in merging the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. This means we are in for some fest with four flagship-level phones from Samsung in 2019.

Galaxy S10 Cameras

The cameras in the Galaxy S10 is one of the key features of the upcoming flagship in India. The first thing is that the S10 models will be carrying triple rear cameras. The main sensor will continue to stay at 12MP. And the aperture sizes will be in between f/1.5 and f/2.4. These are the same sensors that came out with the Galaxy S9.

Talking about the secondary sensor, Samsung put 16MP lens (wide angle) with f/1.9. It comes with a field view of 123 degrees. If the current reports are anything to go by, the 16MP sensor won’t have either the OIS or the autofocus features. So, those photo geeks do watch out for the lack of these features.

Galaxy S10 Color Availability

Continuing with the Galaxy S10 roundup, next up is the availability of the colors. The S10 will be available in white, black, green, pink, and silver/gray.

Third-generation Ultrasonic In-display Fingerprint Sensor

In all probabilities, Samsung will be making use of the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor instead of using the optical sensors. Without a shadow of a doubt, the ultrasonic readers will be more accurate as well as will be faster than the earlier generation of fingerprint readers. As per the patent that Samsung had filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the reader will activate that part of the screen’s area that will catch the fingerprint. Moreover, there will be around four sensors so it catches your prints more accurately.


It’ll be 2019 by the time the Galaxy S10 comes out so undoubtedly, you will see the Snapdragon 855 running the phone. The SD855 is manufactured on a 7nm process. The previous Galaxy S9 runs on Exynos 9810 SoC. And what we will get to in the upcoming smartphone from Samsung is the Exynos 9820 SoC. And don’t forget that Samsung could possibly bring in its own GPU solution along with the processor. What all this can contribute to is better battery juice, and enhanced performance.

‘Very significant’ Changes in Design

When it comes to a flagship phone, the first thing that comes to mind is the designing factor. In the Galaxy S10 roundup, we take a look at what these changes are likely to be. Excited? Just hang on. As per the CEO of Samsung D J Koh, yes, there will be ‘very significant’ design changes. But as of now, we are still in the dark about what those changes are going to be. But do stay tuned. We will keep updating you on new developments on what these design changes will be.

5G-Enabled Galaxy S10

Back in January this year, we had reported about Nokia ReefShark that would be bringing out the New 5G Chipset. And as we see more and more companies are targeting bringing the 5G as early as they can, we see the race heating up. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and almost all popular brands are racing towards 5G. As reported last year, Bharti Airtel and BSNL are too going to bring the 5G network soon.

Coming forward to today and the next year, quite a few companies, as mentioned above, are racing against time to introduce the 5G tech. Considering the Galaxy S10 is going to be a landmark device, you won’t be wrong if you expect the S10 to be 5G-enabled. But that’s, unfortunately not going to be the case. Samsung will have different variants of the Galaxy S10 – one of them will be a standard one, while the other will be 5G-enabled. The separate 5G variant will probably be the Galaxy S10+.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant Running Android Pie

Galaxy S10 Roundup

Continuing with the Galaxy S10 roundup, the next thing that comes to mind after 5G is the Android Pie OS platform. The Galaxy S9+ will see some Android Pie changes. And these were enough to reveal that there would be four Galaxy S10 variants. That’s no new news now. The firmware files pass out a hint about their codenames, which are “beyond 0”, “beyond 1”. “beyond 2” will have one more apart from the same name and it’ll be “beyond 2 5G”. No marks for guessing – the “beyond 0” will be the one with the most torn down specs.

But because we all are not in a position to say anything confidently about the upcoming Galaxy S10 roundup. Do take this info with a grain of salt, because a new leak or rumor can overshadow the previous ones. Fresh pieces of information do keep popping up. So, best is to go with the official word.

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