How to Get Drone Pilot Certification?

In order to fly a drone or practice it professionally, you must hold a pilot’s license or have a basic/advanced certificate issued by an approved training organization named FAA after passing a medical test, a theoretical exam (60 hours) and a practical exam (4 hours).

Drone Pilot Certification

Drone Pilot Certification

For recreational use, no license or certification is required, but the drone should not weigh more than 2 kg, can not fly over agglomerations of people, in urban areas or at night, among other limitations.

Drones can be used in photography, topography, advertising area, research and development activities, public security, security forces and bodies, private security companies, rescue teams, search and rescue, architecture, etc.

Flying your own drone for fun or education is not an offense in the United States.

What all you need is to get your drone registered only if it weighs more than 250 grams (0.55 pounds). Whether you are flying a drone for commercial purpose, and it is between 250 grams to 25 Kgs (55 pounds) then it is mandatory to possess a Remote Pilot Certificate issued by FAA. Here are some points to note before applying for the certificate:

  • No flying experience: The FAA will not ask for any prior flying experience of any type of aircraft or drone.
  • No need to demonstrate: FAA will not ask the applicant to give a demonstration to show the ability to fly a drone or any other aircraft.
  • Past or present ownership: Even if you do not own a drone, you can still apply for the drone pilot license.
  • Current pilots: In case you have a FAA pilot certification, can still take an online test to achieve a Remote Pilot Certificate. The pilot should have cleared a flight review in past 2 years before applying. While current pilots can take the test on the FAA FAASTeam website.
  • A different test for others: There is a different and more extensive test for the pilots who already own FAA certification but not currently flying.
  • No medical test: The applicant just has to attest themselves that they are mentally and physically fit. They can operate the drone safely and securely without harming any human or public/private property. They do not need a medical test to prove their fitness to avail the drone certification.
  • Free study resources: You can avail free study material from free study resources from FAA. The study and course material includes practical tests which are helpful to clear the exam for the pilot. The test questions are generally asked from the same study resources provided by the FAA during the course content.

Choosing Career As Drone Pilot

– Why would you recommend the drone pilot profession?

Because it is a profession with a great projection of the future. If you like to fly and be outdoors doing something different every day, without a doubt, it is the best choice.

– What is it you like the most in flying a drone?

It is a pleasant profession, where you are always traveling and doing different things; One day you do a filming and the next you are tracking a work, so a flight is always different from the other.

– What are your career options?

Every day new ones appear, but the most widespread ones are in the areas of construction (followings of works), cinema and television (filming), electrical energy (such as aerial turbine inspections or inspection of electrical lines), cartography, cadastre, archeology And a long etcetera more.

In turn, all pilots of this type of equipment must prove that they hold any drone pilot license, including that of ultralight, or demonstrate in a reliable way that they have the theoretical knowledge necessary to obtain it.

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