Get ready to enjoy 360-degree videos on an Android TV

Technology giant Google is all set to bring 360-degree video on Android TV. Forget watching 360-degree videos on a smart phone when you can totally enjoy the same at the comfort of home.

360-degree videos

360-degree videos
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New updates

Along with the 360-degree videos update, the company is also bringing many massive updates with the Android TV. Firstly, a brand new UI will be launched through which Google can rearrange whatever appears on the home screen. One can also shuffle their favourite apps from up top with this new launch. Also there is more to it with shortcuts for recommended content, notifications and automatic previews of content from the home screen.

To be Available on Android TV

The company at the CES 2017 has also announced that they plan to bring Google assistant to the Android TV platform. They plan to launch the Google assistant somewhere later this year. The entire update that Google is planning to bring with Android TV looks very promising and gives the impression that finally the company has taken the product, ‘The Android TV’, a bit too seriously. Though the company has not revealed much details about the update, but it definitely seems that with this update, the Android TV might get some loyal buyers in the market.

The New Android O

Google at the CES 2017 has also announced  that the new update will come with the new Android O, but this does not ensure as to when the new Android O will hit the devices.

The introduction of 360-degree videos on the Android TV will give it a new face altogether. Users can now thoroughly enjoy live content on their TVs. The 360-degree videos will be controlled by the user’s smart phone or the TV remote, depending on the user’s device.


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