Google acquires artificial intelligence DeepMind Technologies Ltd

Google will be owning yet another company – the artificial intelligence DeepMind Technologies Ltd. The news was broken on Sunday, when Google Inc. said that they will be acquiring the privately owned company.

It was reported from Re/code – a tech news web site that the price of the takeover was $400 million. However, it wasn’t clear from where the details of the acquisition were acquired from. A spokesman from Google wasn’t ready to comment on the pricing details. Also, the sources from DeepMind Technologies were also not reachable.

The company was founded a couple of years back in London by Demis Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman and Shane Legg. The technology uses algorithms like the general-purpose learning for various apps like e-com, simulation as well as games to name a few.

Google is taking artificial intelligence pretty seriously over the recent years. And that is why the UD-based company is focusing on things like robots and self-driving cars. Two years ago, they hired Ray Kurzweil, who is known as the prominent brains in the industry. In the month of May an announcement of partnership with NASA along with a string of universities materialized. That is when the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab was launched.

Google had acquired Boston Dynamics in last December, which they had announced then. The inventions announced include a jumping contraption, which has the ability to leap over even taller buildings as well as a robot with four legs that has the ability to sprint faster than even the sprinters in Olympics.

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