Google Android Auto: Apple CarPlay’s Rival

Google Android Auto has been announced at the I/O Conference 2014, which is the Apple CarPlay’s rival. Android director of engineering Patrick Brady ushered in the new era of Android Auto.

Google Android Auto, for those who do not know, is actually an infotainment system built in-car. The system will soon be put in use in various cars that are the partners who are the members of the Open Automotive Alliance.

The system will be used in as many as 40 car manufacturers from all over the world. Also the cars that will use this system will be out for sales by the end of this year.

Google Android Auto

It must be said that Android Auto is pretty much similar to that of Apple CarPlay. CarPlay was announced this year. This is actually like plugging an Android phone into the console of your car. This converts the center display of the car into a large screen interface.

Google Android Auto

The Google Android Auto in fully voice-enabled. This gives the users the liberty of using the voice commands. There are also steering wheel-mounted controls and touchscreen console.

Andy Brenner, who is the Android Product Manager, performed the test. As the test was on, Patrick Brady explained that the apps that were running at the time of testing were from Andy Brenner’s phone. This means that if the apps are updated the user will get faster and better experience of the Google Android Auto.

Google Android Auto for Google Maps

Google Android Auto will also offer the large-screen experience for Google Maps. It is being termed to have a bigger advantage over Apple Maps, which is supported by the CarPlay system. The feature uses the live traffic information as well as local search. The spoken-word location can give the user turn-by-turn direction.

Google has also provided Android Auto SDK – the tools for allowing independent developers to develop in-car apps. The beginning will be done by offering APIs for music and messaging apps alone.

With many exciting features showed with the demo and developing kit for the independent developers, the Google Android Auto is here to stay, isn’t it?

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