Google Brings Down the Prices of Online Drive Storage

Google has brought down the prices of its online drive storage in a latest move. The prices have come down way too low and it is expected that the mega search engine will lessen the infrastructure-as-a-service storage. These developments are likely to materialize in the next couple of weeks.

The price cut was revealed on Thursday. For storing 100GB data with their system, there has been a fall of $3 per month rate. The rate has come down from $4.99 to $1.99.

There has been an even bigger fall for storing 1TB of data for one month. Previously it required one to pay $49.99 and has been brought down to a miserly $9.99, while 10TB of data storing will now cost $99.99 for a period of one month.Google Logo

This will, no doubt, take a toll on other services as now they will have to think of some kind of retaliation. One of the biggest names in the industry is Dropbox, who are charging $9.99 from one user for 100GB per month.

However, there can still be options to choose from for 1TB of space for a price of about $60. This can be worked out to a low price of $5 per month for one year as against Google’s price tag of $9.99.

It is certainly a rarest of the rare case where a prominent company in the world undercuts itself with such alarming numbers. There are also signals that Google may radically bring down the prices of their standard infrastructure pricing. Google is planning to undertake an event on March 25 in San Francisco, which will be a cloud event.

The event has been organized for various reasons amongst which the primary reason is to announce some new services as well as products. Developers will be assisted in handling Google Cloud Platform .

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