Google At CES 2018: Planning For Something Big

If you are up for some news and features at CES 2018, you can’t miss one of the giants that’s Google at CES 2018. Check the brilliant construction.

Google at CES 2018

CES is underway and Google’s presence is already being felt. Las Vegas Convention Centre is already brightened up by the participation of many brands at CES 2018. However, Google’s “Hey Google!” amidst everything else is catching attention of the passersby. Google has always surprised us with something unexpected. This time also, we can expect that there is something in store for us.

Initially, Google didn’t seem to be present jarringly but now. Look at the way, the brand is now presenting in the unique fashion. Beginning like an amateur, it is definitely showing that it is the big daddy of all. Everywhere you could see is the “Hey Google!” The fonts on the metro model look the most attractive of all and no one can take their eyes off. You can’t even forget what efforts it had put last year to showcase its presence at Mobile World Congress that is hosted in Barcelona recurrently. Smoothies coupled with the sand sculpture of android took our attention.

Google has always launched its first-party products at its events like that of I/O. It always has the trend of the launching of assistance for third-party products. Last year too, we saw a similar trend. Alexa is quite popular as a smart home manufacturing business. Google wants to mark its competition with Alexa (more like a virtual assistant) in this respect. Hence, more smart home products were launched coupled with earbuds. Google also made provision of seeding assistant for the smart speakers manufactured by the third party company.

The same trend of MWC may continue. Considering the fact that CES is a bigger and more popular tech event, we can expect the company to turn its way and surprise with its first-party products. Some of the names of Google’s Hardware partners are Lenovo, LG, Sony, HTC and much more.

We won’t be wrong to say that Google at CES will showcase itself as an individual brand specialized in smart home products. Google will answer its comparison with Alexa at CES 2018 most probably.


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