Google Chrome vs Firefox: Which Browser Is Better

Google Chrome vs Firefox is a pretty interesting comparison to carry out. Both are very popular web browsers in the market and have huge user base all over the world.

In this blog post, we take a look at the comparison between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – two of the most widely used internet browsers in the world.

Google Chrome vs Firefox

As of May this year, Google Chrome easily runs away with the highest user base, while IE was second with 19.9%. Google was used by 52.32% of users globally, while Firefox was used by 17.87% – looks to be a pretty big divide.

However, the data for April and May 2015 show Chrome again in the first place, but with lower usage at 44.14%. Safari jumped to 13.19%. IE was third with 12.41% and Firefox going to the fourth place with 11.37%. (This includes platforms like Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and Console.)

This puts the Google Chrome vs Firefox comparison nowhere in the picture, but then that doesn’t rule out this comparison (see table at the end of the post).


In both browsers, the tabs are right at the top of the window. The address bar is immediately to the bottom of the tabs.

Tabs can be dragged to an entirely different window and are ready to work immediately in Chrome as well as in Firefox



Omnibox, as Google terms address bar, helps you get to notice the exact domain name immediately. For example, will display as (domain name is in bold here).

As you type in the address bar, suggestions are displayed, starting with the top pages you have visited.

If, you are in the middle of typing the URL, the autocomplete feature will take over and you will be URL that was typed by you.

Handling 404 Errors

The comparison between Google Chrome vs Firefox easily tells us that Chrome handles the 404 errors more efficiently. When the error is encountered Firefox shows only Not Found message.

Chrome comes up with suggestions as to what action you can take like, going to the home page of the website in question.

Chrome also changes the URL in a search phrase. This helps the user in searching on Google – no matter what default search engine is.

Home Page in Google Chrome vs Firefox

Firefox, like Internet Explorer opens a blank page for you when you open the browser. You are also allowed to open a set of pages you define or any homepage of your choice.

However, in Google Chrome, you are presented with 8 thumbnails on the homepage instead. These are the most visited pages by you recently.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

Security Features

There are fair security features in both Google Chrome vs Firefox. Both browsers have anti-malware tools that pop up warnings to the users if they open a suspicious page. There is also protection against websites that make users install viruses or any sort of malicious codes.

Secret Browsing

Both Chrome and Firefox allow kind of ‘secret’ browsing. Incognito is what Google terms it as and according to Firefox it is Start Private Browsing. This feature, in both Google Chrome vs Firefox mean the same thing – your browsing session isn’t recorded in History.


I hope I have managed to get the most of the Google Chrome vs Firefox comparison by having prominent features. Taking the features in mind, Chrome is a far better browser than most other prominent browsers users use today. It not only gained popularity faster, but today is the most used browser according to the chart above.

But then, ‘better’ is a subjective term and who else but you are the best to decide between Google Chrome vs Firefox. Please do drop in your comments if I have missed anything on the way.

Comparison of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Open Source
No Yes
 Tabbed Browsing
Yes  Yes 
Supports Full Screen 
Yes  Yes 
Supporting OS 
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS  Windows, Mac, UNIX, GNU/Linux and Android
First Release 
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 Monday, September 23, 2002 
Google Inc Mozilla Foundation and open source community
Custom Extensions
Supported Supported
Programming Language
C++, Python C/C++, CSS, XBL, XUL, JavaScript 
Google Chrome Terms of Service, but free MPL
Related OS
Chrome OS Firefox OS 
Flash Player
Built-in plugin; Can also be disabled Not built-in, But available
Auto Update
Supported Supported
Print Preview
Supported Supported
Supported Supported

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