Google Chromecast Ultra: Premium 4K TV Streaming Gadget

Google Chromecast Ultra has been unveiled by Google at its October 4th event just a while ago. Find out more about the device below.

Google Chromecast Ultra


Google Chromecast Ultra is a device that has just been officially launched by Google at the company October 4 event, which is currently underway. The device is a 4K TV streaming gadget. Chromecast has been an important device for Google and the tech giant has by far sold as many as 30 million such devices, which is an achievement in itself.

However, the Google Chromecast Ultra is one step forward. Actually, the stick allows you to cast your favourite stuff in the 4K resolution accompanied by Dolby vision and HDR making it more effective.

The new Chromecast Ultra runs almost twice faster and better, 1.8x to be specific. And yes, as far as the 4K videos are concerned, Google announced that the Play Store will extend the support to these videos which will be made available starting next month.

It is also the first time for the ethernet adapter to get support from Google, officially. It will get an official support on Google Chromecast Ultra. And yes, you won’t find it in the dongle, but rather, it now sits in the power adapter.

We will update the article with more information as soon as we get them here. And don’t forget to put your comments below. Stay tuned!


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