Hi-Tech Google City Expected to be Set Up in San Jose

The San Jose City Council has finally given a green signal to make San Jose the hi-tech Google City. Let’s check out the entire story below!

Google City

Google City
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The search giant Google has been striving to transform and improve San Jose for so long. And finally, its sincere efforts have made The San Jose City Council to sell 16 city-owned parcels to Google. Back in 2014, it was in news as it established a new office in San Francisco with a workforce of 200. Coming back to San Jose, the mayor and vice mayor of the city are confident of making it the Google City, but the local residents are still a bit anxious. Why? They want an assurance from the City Council that Google’s presence won’t affect them anyhow. In case, this happens, they want certain protection to cover this threat.

The agreement will not only improve the economic growth of the region, but will also enhance its infrastructure developments. The agreement seeks to transform San Jose’s Diridon Station area in to a huge transit center, surrounded by Google village. It will further add 20,000 employment opportunities for the citizens. The tech-giant has been focusing on offering innovative services to its users worldwide. In 2014, Google had also offered high-speed Google Fiber internet service to 34 cities in the US.

If the San Jose authorities provide complete approval to this Google project, the search giant plans to set up its office space between 6 to 8 million. And that’s not enough. It will also create up to 3,000 housing units so as to make work place in close proximity to residential area. The city is also looking forward to have BART trains and high-speed rails.

The tech giant as well as its partner companies was actively buying property in San Jose before. Even, its 2 property investor groups have spent around $130 million on real estate sector.

The Google City project is in its initial stage for now. However, it is taking smart steps to achieve final approval from the San Jose authorities.


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