Google Glass Alternative Showed by Sony; Apps in the Wings

As there are alternatives to Google Adsense, there are also Google Glass alternative emerging as well. It is a world of virtual reality around us and companies are making efforts to be one of the first in the business.

Virtual reality is a huge business. No wonder, the pioneer in the business will hardly remain at the helm for a long time. Over time, there will be competitors. We may now see a Google Glass alternative, which is in the wings.

Google Glass Alternative

Sony Inc., it is understood will soon bring in the Sony SmartEyeglass. If reports are anything to go by, the SmartEyeglass is a device parallel to the Google Glass. Work is underway with Sony to bring in solution equivalent to the one powered by Smartphone. This makes it possible to provide information like images, text or videos in a single view for the user.

Announcement of the Sony SmartEyeglass

Sony made the announcement of the Sony SmartEyeglass’s SDK developer preview on Friday, through a blog post. The developer kit will allow the developers building apps for the company’s platform.

Hiroshi Mukawa, who is the head of the Google Glass alternative product, has said that there is a benefit in releasing the SDK earlier. It will help the developers to give a certain shape to the SmartEyeglass and what its capabilities are.


Google Glass Alternative Displayed in IFA

The Sony SmartEyeglass had been showcased at the beginning of this month during the IFA Berlin. It is an eyewear, entirely transparent. It connects the Android gadgets of the uses. It also makes use of the available apps, which makes it possible to see ‘live’ results, literally in front of the eyes of the user.

Technology Used by Sony

Sony has revealed the technology they have used in this Google Glass alternative. The technology in question is the ‘unique hologram optics technology’. It is a 3mm lens, which offers transparency of 85%. There is also a 3MP camera. It can carry out video shooting in a VGA resolution.



The technology makes use of sensors to give more power to the features. There is an accelerometer, CMOS image sensor, electronic compass, mic and gyroscope. All these features go hand in hand with the GPS once the gadget gets a wireless connection.

The camera and the sensors are housed on the device, while the touch sensor for scrolling, the mic as well as the battery are in a small plane spherical gadget.


The Google Glass alternative is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

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