Google Glass Britain: Google device travels outside US

Google Glass Britain is making news as the device made by the search engine giant has for the first time moved outside the United States. The Google Glass Britain price is BGP 1000.

Google Glass Britain

The Google Glass is now finally seeing places outside the United States. The Glass has been made available for the UK customers from Monday. The device was available online at Google’s UK website.

The Glass team, in a post, on their Google+ social network page said, “Probably the question we’ve heard more than any other is: when will Glass be available outside the US? Well, we’re starting out by dipping our toes across the pond,” the post read.

The Google Glass Britain was being awaited pretty impatiently. It was in the wings for a long time now and finally it has seen the light of the day in the United Kingdom.

Google Glass Manufacturing Cost, Google Glass Britain

The price of the Google Glass Britain in US was $1,500.  And anyone who would want to become an ‘explorer’ could own it. There was a sense of fear regarding this eyewear, while some welcomed it too.

The Glass test was opened in the US and a decision about the same was taken approximately one month after the sales of the eyewear was opened to the public.

There is good news for the Google Glass that its page has been viewed in excess of 110 million times on the G+ network. There are also thousands of followers amounting to more than 7, 30,000.

Ray-Ban and some popular and famous frame brands are some of the partners of Google Glass for selling the eyewear in the US. Luxottica – the brands that include Alain Mikil, Vogue-Eyewear as well as Oakley, is one of the partners of Google and the association of these two companies is tagged as the ‘biggest step yet into the emerging smart eyewear market.’

There are a lot of hopes from the Google Glass Britain in terms of making business as it is a pretty much loved gadget in the UK. There is no word about when it will be available for the Indian consumers yet. Only time will tell the answer to this question.

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