Google Groups get a new look; Old version retires

Google Groups now gets a new look at the old version retires. The web giant has made it known that the old version will be officially taking your leave. It will soon have a brand new look as the older version gets a facelift.

The new version will increase the user experience apart from a shared inbox feature. All Google users will be able to access these new groups.

Google had been working on these groups for almost a year now. The aim of the revamp was to make the user experience better than before. With Google Groups you can keep in touch with other people that share the same activities and have common interests much as you do.

You can have groups for anything you like, be it your favorite movies, sports, a group of all your friends with similar interests or profession, etc. You can even include discussions.

With the new feature, users will now be able to have an inbox where stuff can be shared and distributed with the members of other groups as well.

The best feature is to get rid of the need to share passwords. It can be done through a common ID that can be created for a certain group. This single address is enough to manage the emails, allocate work and mark them off as done, etc.

Google also has included quite a few moderation tools, which will make it easier to manage the forums. The new Google Groups and its features will be accessible from the mobile websites as well. is the place where you can start right away. And yes, don’t forget, the old groups haven’t gone anywhere, they are still there.

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