Google hums a new tune with Hummingbird for new search formula

Google has come up with a new search formula that has been named Hummingbird. The search formula of the web giant is a closely defended algorithm. The change in the formula is aimed at dishing out better answers to the web surfers who are posing challenging questions.

The update of Hummingbird has been rolled out by Google on a gradual basis. Some of the updates have been introduced already, though they have been done without making public the modifications and the changes in the search formula.Google1

One thing must be mentioned herein. The changes in the formula by Google will have a greater say on the traffic web sites get. Hummingbird is one such change in the algorithm that is nothing less than dramatic when it comes to Google as a search engine.

Around three years ago, Google had come up with such changes in the formula. It was a part of a revamp that had been identified as Caffeine. This redesign is indeed going to make an impact – a key impact – on the analysis of the traffic that amounts to about 90%.

Google amounts to more than 65% of search requests in the United States alone and the number gets even bigger in Europe. For this one single reason, the changes brought about by Google in their search algorithm can have a deep impact on the search traffic as well.

These changes can also bring about dramatic ramifications on the pricing on Google ads that accompany search requests. This can happen for web sites the ranking of which gets demoted after these new rules fully take effect.

Google made public the introduction of the latest search formula on Thursday during an event that was held in the Menlo Park, California.

It must be said that there aren’t any complaints about the new set of search rules from any web sites as yet. This is enough to prove that the changes haven’t hurt the traffic by much. But when Caffeine came into effect that did no good to loads of web sites that were making the search engine believe that their content matches the commonly used search requests.

Such sites that enjoyed pretty much comfortable position in the search results were weeded out or now have gone into exile. The introduction of Hummingbird will allow the search engine to understand ‘concepts’ instead of just ‘words’.

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