Google keyboard app available without Nexus

The Android software from Google comes with probably the best Smartphone keyboards. However, if you are using, say a Samsung or an HTC device, you may not feel it. These companies have replaced the normally seen Google keyboard app with their very own keyboard developed in their own backyard. But how good are these ‘home-made’ keyboards?

But if you are using a device other than that of Google’s and are using Android, you are in for something great. The users who are using the Android 4.0 or any other higher version for that matter, you can install the software keyboard. For that, you will have to move to Google Play and install the application and follow the orders for the setup.

So what’s so good about the Google Keyboard app? The first thing is that the visual appearance is extremely appealing. The keys are easily visible and there is enough spacing between any two keys. The feedback from the pressed key is sufficient to know that the key has been pressed. The keyboard supports gesture typing. This means that keyboard can predict the word the user is trying to input.

Earlier, Google had offered its keyboard on those phones that were running Android 4.2, which was the latest version. One could manually install the app on an older phone using Android. However, in the new developments, Google has made the keyboard available on Google Play. It is like updating the Android without updating Android.

The keyboard was available only on Google’s Nexus gadgets. The keyboard supports 26 languages and can be found only in selected markets where English is the prime language.

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