Google to soon launch the Android version of Find my Phone

Google will very soon be launching the Android version of ‘Find my Phone’. After chasing the ‘dream’ for as many as four years, Google has finally caught up with Apple to make a device powered by Android and that is equivalent to their rival Apple’s ‘Find my Phone’ app.

Like the Apple app, this app will also assist the user to help track down the location of the phone that is most stolen. The app is also helpful in tracking the tablets running on the Android OS.
It is tagged as ‘Android Device Manager Service’ and might not be too attractive as far as the name goes.

However, the functionality that it offers is the same as that of the Apple product.Google
The app hasn’t yet been launched yet but is expected to be rolled out later this month. The upside of the feature is that the phone can ring at the highest possible volume, even if it is put in silent mode if it has been misplaced anywhere in the house. It is also possible to view the location of the phone and that too in real time.

The location can be viewed on a map if you were to forget the phone anywhere outside your home or at any public place away from your residence. If the owner believes that the phone has been stolen, he can wipe out the entire data from the phone even remotely.

There is the best deal inside – the service can easily go with the Android gadgets running the older version 2.2 – Froyo. It means any higher version of the OS will easily be handy. And according to Google, only 1.3 percent of the devices will not be able to use the app. There is also a supporting app for handling several devices.

Sony has also come up with similar launches earlier this year. It must be mentioned that Sony has its own version of this service targeting Android users. Northern Europe has been amongst the first territories where the services have been tested.

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