Google launches low-cost TV dongle Chromecast

Google has launched a low-cost TV dongle that is known as Chromecast. The low-cost dongle will give a tough competition to Apple. When plugged in the HDMI port of the television set, the dongle can allow the user to stream the media directly from tab, computers or Smartphones.

The device will be launched in the United States with immediate effect. In the US, the gadget will cost $35. However, there is no word on when it will be launched in other markets internationally. Apart from this, Google has also announced the upgraded Nexus 7 tab, which happens to be the first device to run the latest version of Android.Google Chromecast

Coming back to Chromecast, this is not the first attempt by Google to make business headways in the TV industry as well. In the last year, Google tried their luck to make a move towards the living room, which was considered by many professionals to be the right choice for bringing in more revenue and profits by means of advertising.

For that, Google joined hands with Sony and brought out a set-top-box priced at £200. However, the company did not receive any worthwhile response to this.

Earlier in the year 2010, Google tried to bring out Google TV, a service that was opposed by many a TV network. Google had to suffer in a big way as it required the consumers to purchase the costly hardware.

Nexus Q, the orb-shaped device from Google didn’t make any headway at all and lost ground almost instantaneously. Citing the feedback reason, Google pulled the device from sales.

The Chromecast is another attempt by Google to make straightforward it’s offering for the large screens. The main focus is on streaming the contents from Netflix and YouTube with the help of a comparatively cheaper gadget.

After connecting to the HDMI port of the TV set, it makes use of the wireless home internet for linking to the devices. In this regard, the streaming is carried out through the cloud instead of the mobile device.

Google is eager to stress that the dongle can stream across various operating systems like the Apple iOS or their very own Android.

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