Google low-cost Smartphones to Launch in India Soon

Google low-cost Smartphones will be soon launched in India, according to Sundar Pichai. The launch will be this fall first in India and then in the world.

Google low-cost Smartphones

Google has stated that it will partner with some Indian companies to bring in the market Smartphones sub US$100. According to the Indian value, it will cost less than Rs. 6000. The phones are likely to hit the Indian market by the month of October this year.

“We will launch this around the world, but we will start with India this fall,” Pichai said.

With this, Google is targeting one billion users of Android OS.

Google low-cost Smartphones
Image: The Hindu

The Indian companies which Google will be partnering with will be Micromax Spice as well as Karbonn. No wonder Google is targeting India, which is the fastest growing Smartphone marketplace in the world. That’s why reason why many companies look at India as a potential marketplace.

Google low-cost Smartphones with data plans

How could Google be left behind by offering only low-cost Smartphones and no data plans? Yes, they are there in the market by being in talks with telecom operators. So, when the deals are struck, Google will also bring data plans with reasonable prices.

While speaking about the phones, Pichai said that the phones were specially designed to address the issues and the needs of the Indian consumers. So, the Google low-cost Smartphones will be eagerly awaited by the Indian consumers.

The Micromax device will have a 4.5-inch display and a dual-SIM support. It will also have a removable SD card. And this will be one of the Google low-cost Smartphones in India.

The IDC research firm data says that the sales of Smartphones in India have grown by more than three times – to nearly 44 million by the last year. Companies like Karbonn and Micromax have played a major role to play in this.

In India, in the first quarter of this year, a whopping 17.59 million of Smartphones were shipped as against 6.14 million in 2013’s first quarter. This will give an idea of how potent the Indian market is.

Samsung has been the leader with 35% of market share, while Micromax came in second with 15%. Karbonn stood in the third place for the market share with 10%, Lava had 6% share, while Nokia came last with just 4% of the share.

The competition will be further fuelled with the advent of Google low-cost Smartphones.

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