Google to open a new office in San Francisco with 200 workers

Reports are doing the rounds that web giant Google is set to open a new office in San Francisco with at least 200 workers. The new office is said to be a 35,000 sq. ft. building.

San Francisco will see more engineers in the city’s Mission neighborhood in the near future. The new office building is exclusively for office space and is said to be a massive 35,000 sq. ft. area. There will be space enough to accommodate 200 workers comfortably.Google Logo

The space is supposed to be leased for the housing engineers that came with the mega search engine’s acquisition that include Boston Dynamics, SlickLogin as well as Nest Labs among many other.

In the past one year only Google has purchased many a company. One of the latest is SlickLogin, which is an Israeli security startup. SlickLogin makes use of high frequency sounds as well as Smartphones for verifying the identities on the web.

In the last month itself, Google purchased Nest – the makers of Learning Thermostat. The purchase was done for $3.2 billion. Even the takeover of Boston Dynamics materialized in December last year. Boston Dynamics are the manufacturers of the nature-inspired rotobs.

At the same time, it should also be mentioned that it is not Google who are the only ones to have big offices in San Francisco. Apart from Google, other companies like Pinterest, Yammer and Twitter also have offices in San Francisco. However, there are some protesters who complain of increased rents. The most number of complaints come from the Mission, where Google’s new office is located.

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