Google Pixel 2 Concept Video Making Jaws Drop With These Features

Google Pixel line-up got a remarkable position in the category of Best Smartphones last year with amazing features and stylish design. Since launch, Pixel is enjoying the appreciation, but the Pixel 2 is impressing people with Google Pixel 2 concept video.

Google Pixel 2 Concept Video

Google Pixel 2 concept video
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Rumors About Google Pixel 2

A few days ago, we had stumbled upon Google Pixel 2 leaks that feature 3D photography. There was a report that said that the new phone will have improved camera versionGoogle Pixel 2 concept video that recently got viral on the internet is giving a huge competition to various flagship devices. Google Pixel 2 is ready to make a big hole in the pockets by arriving on the market at end of this year. Unlike other flagship models, Google Pixel 2 will be using Qualcomm’s latest Octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC.

Render Video on Google Pixel 2

Instead of giving proper specifications, the concept creators of the company released a video showing Pixel 2 designs and features. Due to the immense popularity of iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5, Google Pixel 2 is still under the covers, but the company is observing every move of rivals and their designs. According to the rendered video, Pixel 2 is having dual rear camera setup which means dual camera on both sides. Google Pixel attracted its customers through amazing camera setup, and this has to make Pixel 2 follow the steps by highlighting the best camera setup in its concept video.

Adopting the New Trend

Famous companies like Samsung and LG are launching Smartphones with a full front display, then how can Google not follow this trend? There are rumors about Pixel 2 that it will be coming with a large display and minimum bezels to become a part of the latest trend.

Google Pixel 2 concept video is giving high hopes to the users with its ravishing design. It will be interesting to see if Google Pixel 2 succeeds in bagging the position in Best Smartphones of the year or disappears in no time.


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