Google Pixel 2 Leaks: Will It Feature 3D Photography?

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel flagship was launched not too long ago, in 2016. Speculations are already rife about two new models, notwithstanding. The two new models are Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2B.

According to a source that spoke to 9to5Google, the Google Pixel 2 will feature an improved version of the camera that it already has with better features. Of course, these are leaks and are not to be believed entirely. Google already has the best smartphone camera on the market today. The new model, according to the source, will sport a camera that will not be large in MP size. However, it will have extra features. Google Pixel 2 leaks suggest that the camera will concentrate on computational photography which is Google’s forte. For example, it will have HDR plus mode. Google Pixel 2 leaks also suggest that with the new model the camera will master the art of low-light photography, as reported by Mirror.

The new model will most likely be more expensive than the last one. Keeping that in mind, incorporating a better sensor with higher sensitivity will not be a problem. A brighter lens and better computational algorithms are also expected by Google Pixel 2 leaks.

According to other Google Pixel 2 leaks, the new model could sport a waterproof exterior, dual lens cameras, and wireless charging. The new models would either run on a Qualcomm processor or an Intel processor. Google is currently testing the two to see which is the best. It could also have a chipset custom made by Google. Google Pixel 2 leaks also say that the new models could be waterproof as well as dustproof.

Although the leaks can never be entirely reliable, there is no reason to believe that the new Google Pixel 2 will not have the above-mentioned specifications.

[Featured Image by / YouTube Screenshot MobySmartCat]

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