Google Plus top executive Vivek Gundotra leaves Google

After serving Google Plus, the Google Plus top executive Vivek Gundotra has finally left Google. He was at the helm for eight years. He was the senior vice president.

‘Vic’, as Vivek Gundotra is popularly known, was at the top of the Google Plus social networking product. It was daring and a challenge to lift Google Plus out of nowhere when an opponent like Facebook is at the other side of the ring.

Where does the Google Plus top executive move next?

When such a personality leaves a top post, there are a lot of curious minds eager to know what he will do next. However, ‘Vic’ hasn’t brought out his plans. He is, in fact, playing his cards close and hasn’t made known what his future plans will be.

Google Plus top executive

There were certainly emotions rolling out. However, the tech master didn’t feel it was the right time to talk about those things. “But this isn’t the day to talk about that. This is a day to celebrate the past eight years.” Vivek wrote.

What Google CEO Larry Page says about Vivek Gundotra

It hardly needs any mention that Larry Page, Google CEO, also talked about the Google Plus top executive. Page said that Vivek Gundotra built the social networking for Google ‘from nothing’. Mr. Page also said that he appreciates the courage shown by Vivek Gundotra to come with such a product.

There was still no word from Larry Page as to who would be the next Google Plus top executive.

Google Plus may have been a social networking site for sure, but still there is a lot of divide between G+ and Facebook. Yes, there has been swift growth for G+. However, still it is less than half the size of Facebook. Facebook has 1.3 billion users, while Google Plus has about 500 million users – still a big number.

Even before Vivek Gundotra started on the Google Plus project as Google Plus top executive, he worked to build some apps in the Android OS.

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