Google reveals tools for porting Chrome apps to iOS and Android

Google has announced tools that will make it possible to port Chrome apps to other OSes like iOS and Android. The web giant had come up with a ‘report’ where it was working on a certain tool that would permit the users, especially the developers to bring in their Chrome apps to the mobile handsets.

Now, the announcement is official. The apps can be ported for working with the OSes mentioned above, with the help of a tool that is based on Apache Cordova. A developer preview of the same is now also available.

The Apache Cordova happens to be an open-source mobile development framework that is used to build built-in mobile applications with the help of JavaScript, CSS as well as HTML. The tool will allow the developers of Chrome apps to send their applications stores like Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Developers will be able to exercise Chrome applications Developer Tool for running an app on any Android gadget and there will be no need for installation of mobile platform’s SDK or IDE. The details were gotten from the Chromium blog.

It now remains to be seen what kind of response the Chrome apps developers offer to the tool. It also should be seen how the usability of the Chrome apps on Smartphone and mobile gadgets would be.

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