Google to reward five times more for reporting a bug

When on one hand Facebook didn’t reward Khalil for reporting a security flaw as he posted a message on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wall, Google has come forward to reward five times more for reporting a bug. The initial reward by Google was $1,000, which has now jumped up to $5,000. This should certainly come as new good news.

It must be noted that Google has paid more than $2 million in its bug bounty program. The bucks have been paid for finding out the loopholes in the Chrome browser as well as the operating system.
The Indians were in the second position to be the recipient of this program. The researchers and developers from India also earned healthy through the Facebook bug bounty program. Out of the $2 million paid until now, more than $1 million have been paid as Chromium VRP/Pwnium rewards.Google An error in software is termed as a bug. Such a bug can hamper a software program or hardware and make it malfunction. But that’s not all. Such an error can be used to produce the desired results as well.

Facebook – the mega social networking site has also been actively paying its members through the bug bounty program. Even Microsoft has jumped in the same league and is ready to pay $100,000 to those whoever reports the techniques used for exploiting the protection levels that are built in the version of the Windows OS.

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