Google set to invest $608 million in Finnish data centre

Google will be investing $608 million or roughly around 450 million Euros in the ensuing years in Finnish data center. This will give a major boost to Finland ass the country is seeing a struggling Nokia company along with a weaning steel and paper industries.

The investment of $605 million is apart from the 350 Euros Google has spent already on the data center, which is built on the site of Stora Enso’s former mill in Hamina. Google had purchased the mill back in 2009. This purchase saw Google making the mill an effective data center.


The advantage that Google got was that of the Bay of Finland, where the cold seawaters could be used for cooling the servers down.

The Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said that the country has a great education system. The strength of his country is in finding answers in a creative way for the global challenges.

Maintaining data centers remain a big challenge and there are companies like Google and Facebook that are always on the lookout for finding any cheaper possible ways of maintaining the data centers. Expanding the data centers is the need of the hour for such huge companies with millions of users.

The European countries, especially in the north remain the favorite spots for having data centers as the climate is naturally cooler there. That is why the cooling costs are reduced automatically.

Hamina hosts one of Google’s 13 data centers. Here, the seawater is pumped for driving the heat away from the servers. Before the water is sent back to the sea, it is cooled down. Microsoft will also be investing $250 odd million in a data center that will soon spring up, again in Finland.

The increasing and extended use of cloud computing will be putting an added load to the use of the data centers in the near future.

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