Google unveils Moto X – Google’s customizable Android Smartphone

Motorola unveils Moto X, the customizable Android Smartphone. Motorola has given the users the power to customize the Smartphone according to their need and choice. The users can customize the phone with colors as well as material. There are as many as 18 color options to select from for the back panel.
It is a desperate bid from Motorola to give something unique to the users in an already crowded Smartphone market. It also needs to prove that the amount of $12.5 billion that Google spent on it.

The Moto X is the first flagship device from Motorola since Google took over the company last year. It is another attempt by Motorola to make its presence felt in the Smartphone market that is strongly dominated by Apple and Samsung.Google-moto-x-01-635

The new features introduced by Motorola are likely to appeal to the fashionables, analyzers feel. But what is more important is how much can Moto X reach out in terms of technological breakthroughs. All depends on this one factor and if all things go well, Motorola can come back in the reckoning once again.

Roger Entner, who is an analyst with Recon Analytics, said pointed out that the users expected magic from Motorola like Google has done. The phone does not have any out of the world hardware specs.

And that is why the phone does not look too appealing. Entner further pointed out that Motorola could have even brought this phone out without the aid of Google. Or any other company could have done so.

The Moto X will start selling in the United States from the month end or early September. For those who sign for at least a two-year contract with the company, the phone will be available at a retail cost of $199.99.

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