Upcoming Phone in India: Google Might Bring out Affordable Pixel

Google is rumored to launch an upcoming phone in India, namely a mid-range Pixel phone to tap into the vast Indian market. Google reportedly also has other plans for the Indian market.

Upcoming Phone in India

Upcoming Phone in India

Google is ready with its upcoming phone in India – the affordable Pixel. Though the Indian technological market heavily depends on Google and its related products, Google’s hardware is not yet popular in the Indian market. Well, according to four senior industry executives, the search engine giant is going to step up the game and introduce a new Pixel smartphone by Diwali and is also going to launch the Pixelbook for the Indian market. Doesn’t this remind you of the Pixel series pre-order that started in India early on? Now, it’s time for the new affordable Pixels.

Google is also reportedly going to take on rivals like Apple, Samsung and also Amazon in releasing its hardware products while releasing an upcoming phone in India. These rumors are based on trade meets that took place in Malaysia, the US and the UK where, according to sources, Google is planning to work with Reliance Jio to “realize the maximum potential of the products.”

Upcoming Phone in India


Other than launching the Pixel and Pixelbook in India, Google is also planning to tap into the smart speaker market that is yet to catch up in India. Amazon has already begun the sale of Alexa line of speakers in India. They have not yet struck a chord with the market. Google is planning to target that need and launch its own line of Nest products like a doorbell, an alarm system and also a smoke detector.

Other than launching an upcoming phone in India, Google has also sensed the need for physical stores in India and so sources also report that Google is going to do exactly that.


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