Google to usher in high-speed Google Fiber internet to 34 cities

The need and the will to have faster and faster internet will never stop as Google will be ushering in high-speed Google Fiber internet to 34 cities. The service will be provided to these cities that are spread across eight states in the United States.

That should be enough to give some sleepless nights to the competitors in the business. The current broadband carriers will have to face a tough competition as the web giant makes headways quick and fast. The cable biggie Comcast Corp is also a big player in industry.Google Logo

Arizona, Georgia, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah and Texas are the eight states where Google will be bringing the Google Fiber. The project was announced on Wednesday and includes some big cities in the States like Atlanta, California, San Jose, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Oregon.

The blueprint of the project is tentative because Google needs to work on the logistics. The updates may be delivered by the yearend. Google is trying to make an even stronger foundation as the biggest internet company in the world by providing access to internet.

Google Fiber makes it possible to surf the net at a speed of 1GBPS (gigabit per second). This makes it at least 100 times faster than what the current broadband speeds are offering. And the punch is that the cost of this service are pretty much low and can even be compared with what many people pay for their household use.

The project was launched around years ago in 2010 as an experiment. Google Fiber is now available only at select places like Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. It is expected to show up in Texas and Austin later this year.

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