Google Wellbeing: Top Alternatives To Fight Your Addiction

Today, Google Wellbeing is seen as one of the tools to fight your addiction to your phones. But the downside is that the app is available only on Android Pie users. Here are some alternatives to Google Wellbeing.

Alternatives to Google Wellbeing

With the trending science, technology is developing as rapid fire. As humans are totally dependent on technology today, there are some tools/ apps which use technology to keep you well and healthy.

Nowadays, there are apps for about everything: whether it’s for the food direct at home door, online shopping or online banking for managing your accounts etc. There are apps which can hold great potential as a mental health and wellbeing tools. After the word wellbeing, the term comes in mind is (Google Wellbeing) as the most known tool of this time.

Now the questions arise, is this only a Wellbeing tool or else there are more alternatives to Google Wellbeing?

Google Wellbeing

Google (well-known platform) always keeps updating and developing its technologies which are very helpful to users. It makes their experience more efficient. The motto of Google seems to be giving its every user the tools which they require to develop their own sense of digital wellbeing. This is to keep the technology to the back and the life at the front and make their life healthy and stable.

But there are so many alternatives to Google digital Wellbeing. Today in this article we will be listing the Top alternatives to Google Wellbeing

◆1st alternative to Google Wellbeing


The ideology behind this alternative is to put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die…It is based on until you keep your device away from you the tree in virtual app grows until you use your device. When you will use it the tree would die. It means it motivates you to keep working for a good deal without your device. The idea of growing something (for yourself) due to your focused time is beautifully illustrated and simply a blessing of ours to yourself as it gives an inner peace.

This tool tracks and lists all the activities you do and show you a graphical representation with zonal distribution as per your performance.

Its features

  1. Plant together: you can plant a tree with your friends. If anyone from you uses his/her phone, everyone’s tree will die.
  2. Forest timeline: it tracks every moment of your planting journey so as to keep you engaging in it.
  3. Phone usage: it keeps the track of the time you spend on your device on daily basis.

◆2nd alternative to Google Wellbeing

Smiling Mind

It is a meditation app which is designed to provide its users with mindfulness (mind focusing tools). Generally, it is for teens and adults. It includes several programs based on users’ age, function and purpose of use. Several psychologists and educators look into its designing. The app measures the progress and skills including meditation remainders. With your developing skills in meditation, its sessions/courses become more advanced.

As it gives you a platform to work on your health So It can be the listed in the alternative for Google Wellbeing.

◆3rd alternative for Google Wellbeing


As we know the apps in devices are very addictive and time wasting. To overcome this the ZenScreen will help its users to regain control by letting track screen times and setting sensible rules to limit app usage as per time and also the screen use.

-ZenScreen is a good option for every individual as well as beneficial for parents with kids as it works as a parental control over the kids.

-It makes records of your app use, tracks unhealthy usage, suggests breaks, and intelligently restricts the use of apps in evenings and early mornings.

-ZenScreen gives you the data of apps which you have used and for how much time. This will let you know about the addictions.

-It automatically manages the times so as to give a balance to work and entertainment. It calculates how many minutes you spend each day on productive vs entertainment apps.

– ZenScreen lets you set a specific sleep time schedule which will stop apps from working at bedtimes such as YouTube, social media, and news feed scrolling. A good night’s rest and sleep lead to better health and happiness.

-It will let you set mini-breaks so as to keep distracted from social sites. You can beat social network addiction by taking suggested mini-breaks in the day.

◆4th alternative to Google Wellbeing


Its motto is breaking phone addiction and staying focused.

As mobiles always make us distracted and absent from important functions with our friends, families and ourselves. And it can be said that we’re not in control. To overcome this we can focus on being in control of us when we use our devices.

Space is the tool which will help you to find your life balance with the Mobile phone.

It lets us

  • Understand our current habits means the daily activities we are doing with mobile.
  • know the ‘type’ of users we are – like boredom battler, social sticky-mitt, rabbit hole wanderer or busy bee etc. so as to categorize us.
  • Set goals for mobile usage and track our progress.


Space provides tools, such as excluding apps, notification blocking and screen dimming to curb usage so as to reduce its usage

– It minimizes the interruptions to keep you on track;

Space makes you able to share your progress with friends, families, and colleagues and engage you in building new habits together.

-The users of this spend less time on their devices.  Its users spend on average 2 hours and 46 minutes on their devices per day which is like a great app for wellbeing.

According to the app’s description

After using Space for 4 weeks its users reported that

85% better understood their smartphone usage, 71% improved their smartphone usage, 40% improved their sense of Wellbeing, and 30% improved productivity.

All of these above features make it a nice choice as an alternative to Google Wellbeing.

◆5th alternative to Google Wellbeing


Google Wellbeing

It is an automatic time tracker for the time period you will spend on your device for using apps, for fitness, places, sleep and travel time.

Instant includes a dashboard which is like a summary with actionable insights on your tracked data. It lets you interact with Insights, Instant Coach and gets you weekly reports for understanding your data.  Instant aims to help you improve your productivity and make yours a healthier life.

It allows keeping track of on-screen time addiction, moves, actions and places for the day and the Instant keep you tracking & analyzing your activities on a dashboard so as to report it.

It is an Award Winning App which was Grand Prize Winner of Google Fit Developer Challenge.

All of the Instant’s data the of dashboard remains private and only you can access it on your phone. It is top rated Quantified Self app with automatic time tracking and activities


  1. Automatically tracks your device usage time.
  2. Tracks your app usage
  3. integrated with Google Fit, Fitbit & S Health for tracking your fitness and travel timing
  4. Creates geofences for tracking time spent in places like home and work
  5. sets goals for steps, sleep and also set limits for phone usage time
  6. has widgets for quick tracking.
  7. Android supported
  8. tracks your sleep automatically

There are many more tools which are alternatives for Google Wellbeing such as



-music eScape

-Quit that etc.


The listed alternatives above are top-rated and trending. If you are looking to try it then go for anyone from these. The major concern of our article is to make its readers’ life healthy, knowledgeable. So Keep reading and stay healthy and fit.

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    I did not know that the these helpful 5 google well being apps are available. This is so useful especially for my kids who are 11 and 14 years old and they are glued to their phones almost the minute they get home from school. I shall try the Forest and Space apps recommendation to my children and hopefully this will help the addiction on phones.

    Very helpful information

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