Google’s Android 4.4 version is Kitkat

Android-kitkat_505_090413101419The next version of Google’s mobile operating system Android 4.4 is named KitKat. Google has named all the versions of the Android OS designed for tabs and Smartphones after desserts. This is the first time that Google is going for an established brand name.

The ‘Android 4.4 KitKat’ is what might be soon a common phrase in the world of mobile handset users with Android OS. KitKat is a popular chocolate candy bar. The new image designed for the OS shows the green robot taking a bite of the candy bar.

The brand is owned by Nestle worldwide. Hershey licenses the brand in the United States. Google had asked permission for using the name and written about the same around nine months ago.

The monetary terms of the deal were not disclosed that is said to have taken place between Hershey Co. and Google. The name KitKat has come totally out of the blue as the tech experts were speculating on the name Key Lime Pie.

Now, there’s a reason for the next version of Android to have the name Kitkat. Actually, the Android team’s favorite ‘go-to snack’ has been Kitkat since the infancy of Android, Marc Vanlerberghe said.
Android has been the first choice of more than 750 Smartphones and tabs around the world as the OS is installed on these many devices.

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