Google’s privacy policy could make it pay healthy fine

According to the latest reports, Google’s privacy policy can bring it in trouble thereby making it pay a healthy fine. The trouble could potentially be spelled by the French Government. It has asked Google to amend the policies in connection with the data of the internet users.

For this, the government has given a time of three months to Google. Even after the end of the duration if Google is unable to make any changes, it can become liable to a big and hefty fine.

A report was published by the National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL). According to the report published by the CNIL, Google has violated the law in France as it doesn’t allow the individuals to know how their private data could be used.

For a few years, Google has been making efforts to make a common privacy policy for as many as 60 of its products. Google has come out about the issue through its spokesman, Al Verney. Google says their privacy policies always respect the law.

That allows them to create simpler services that are also effective. The spokesman said that Google is entirely involved with the authorities who work on the data protection.

Another report about the same issue also asked Google to clarify why they were collecting any personal data. The report further said that CNIL has also instructed Google to make their users aware of the privacy policy.
The report further asked to make it known how long the data will be kept. Or else it shouldn’t be kept if the purpose for collecting it has been met.

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