Happy Birthday Text Messaging Service: 22 Years Old

Text messaging service has completed 22 years of existence. How nice it is to know that even in today’s world of fast communication with voice calls and video conferencing, our good old SMSes still exist. As a matter of fact, the spread and the use of the messaging service is so far and wide that there is hardly any other service that has taken its place.

Text Messaging Service

The irreplaceable messaging service has accompanied all kinds of mobile phones ever since its inception. In case of emergency, text messaging service has always been to the ‘rescue’. However, there aren’t really too many things that we know about the service. Let us have a look at some interesting features of

First Text Message “Merry Christmas”

Not many people may know, but “Merry Christmas” was the first ever text message sent. The message was sent on December 3, 1992, by Neil Papworth. And yes, it was not the United States, but United Kingdom where the first ever SMS was sent. The message was sent through Neil’s PC and not a mobile phone. The reason? Well, mobile phones didn’t come with keyboards those days.text-messaging-service

Why Only 160 Characters?

160? Well, micro-blogging site Twitter doesn’t have even 160 characters, but just 140. Postcards as well as Telex transmissions, in those days had an average of 160 characters. The same got accepted into the Text messaging service too. As a matter of fact, the same was noted by Friedhelm Hillebrand that GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

Another reason for having 160 character limit is that those number of characters can be easily executed even if there are any bandwidth restrictions. This makes it almost certain for an SMS to be sent each time.

SMS Service Today

The text messaging service is one of the most widely used data app today. There are more than 4 billion users in the world. Though many users have now left the SMS service comparatively, there are still more than 80% of uses people make of their phone. There are many mobile messaging apps these days. And even if they are not traditional messaging apps WhatsApp, Hike, Line, etc are in a way Text messaging service.

There may be voice calling and group calling rampant and in great use these days with apps like Skype. However, the importance and presence of Text messaging service will never diminish.

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