A New Healthbook App on iOS 8 with Preview and TextEdit

The new version of the iOS – the iOS 8 may carry a new Healthbook app along with Preview and TextEdit, the mobile-friendly versions of the OS X apps.

After the iOS 7 cementing its place with more than 78 per cent of the devices in North America, it is now time to look forward towards the next version of the OS from the house of Apple. There have been some fresh leaked screenshots, which are giving indications of what might be the contents of the new OS version.

There could be some new apps on the home screen of the device. The new leaked images were spotted on Weibo – the social network from China. This is where the Healthbook apps icon is seen.


However, the source of the leaks is still unknown. But according to 9to5Mac, a site that focuses especially on Apple claims that most of the sources have substantiated that the images might indeed be telling the true tale. The web site had also previously mentioned that the Healthbook app will also be ‘headline feature’ in the upcoming iOS version.

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iOS 8
Image: 9to5Mac

There are many such apps available these days that will allow you to count the steps that have been walked, the distance covered or the calories that a person has burnt. Healthbook will also allow you to do this. But the punch line is that the software will assist in managing and tracking weight loss.

Preview and TextEdit

As far as the Preview and TextEdit apps are concerned, they will allow the users to access files that are stored in iCloud, which in turn have been created with the help of desktop applications. However, they do not give you the power of editing the PDF files, the text documents or even the images for that matter.

There is also a new icon seen on the home screen known as Tips. It could be some tips regarding the new iOS version or certainly some guide to help you through.

Whatever has been known till know are just estimate. The wait will continue at least until the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Meanwhile, Apple did release the iOS 7.1 version with the much talked about CarPlay support for iPhone and iPad.

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