Have you heard about the latest HTC U11 bend test?

There is a video going viral on the internet about the new HTC U11 bend test. So what exactly is a bend test? Let’s find it out below.

HTC U11 bend test

HTC U11 bend test
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More about the HTC U11 bend test

A popular YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel with the name JerryRigEverything, performed a rigorous  HTC U11 bend test. Before, he had made Xperia XZ pass through three hard-to-pass tests including bend test, scratch test and burn test, and it withstood all these adverse tests successfully. Though even HTC U11 survived all other tests, but it failed terribly in the bend test. When the phone was put over a hot flame, the metal frame of the smartphone could not stand bending on the front side. The bend test made the screen of the smartphone break into pieces. Though it could tolerate scratches and burns, but the bend test was a big fail. Earlier in April 2017, Samsung S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus undertook bend test to prove their durability, and the results were pretty astonishing for all of us.

The full test

According to the YouTube video that went online, the smartphone that has a Gorilla Glass 5 protection could withstand scratches from coins, keys without causing any damage to the display. Since the phone sides are made of metal, the smartphone could withstand a lot of pressure from the sides. The pixels went black after 8 seconds of open flame but the phone could recover when the fire was put off.

The smartphone survived all tests except the bend test. You can check the HTC U11 bend test video online.


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