Hot Gadgets Used by Olympic Players in 2016: 7 Best Gadgets

The Olympics is one of the hottest global events that take place once every four years. There are a variety of hot gadgets used by Olympic players for a variety of their needs. It can be to keep their strength and energy from dropping down or for any other related tasks they need to carry out.

You might have stumbled upon these variants of the gadgets sometime in the past. But, using these particular ones is fun too. We will take a looks at seven hot gadgets used in Olympics in this edition.

Hot Gadgets Used by Olympic Players

The Rio Olympics is the apt occasion for many companies to come up with their newest and best gadgets on the market. The event is a global platform for easily reaching out to millions and billions of viewers in one go. Here are some of the cool gadgets used by Olympics players this time around.

Whoop 2.0


One of the hot gadgets used in the Olympics will be the Whoop. It is actually a wristband and at present, it’s the Whoop 2.0 edition. The use of sensors has become a part and parcel of our lives today. And when it comes to a sports event like the Olympics, it has to be one of them.  The Whoop 2.0 particularly keeps a track of the heart rate of the user along with sleeping patterns and ambient temp. The fun is in its app that accompanies this device. When used with the app, the Whoop is able to alter its raw data in meaningful advice for taking rest, avoiding strains if the athlete is injured, etc. This makes it one of the best gadgets used by Olympic players.



One of the few hot gadgets used in the Olympics is Hykso. This is particularly helpful for the boxers and is used for the Canadian boxing team.. It’s worn inside your glove. Once placed inside, it starts counting the number of punches delivered. It can also pull out details “describing” its type like straight punch, jab, short jab, left-right power, or a cross, etc. This is particularly helpful in making out how the player is performing and delivering. 3-axis accelerometer is in place for recording all these metrics. Analytical data can be analyzed to improve the boxer’s performance and strategy even further.

Cooling Hood


One of the gadgets used by Olympic players for keeping them cook is, as the name of it suggests, Cooling Hood. It creates a covering around the user’s face, neck as well as the head. There is an inner layer to the hood for holding cool water, which doesn’t let the wearers get too dehydrated. The hood is designed in such a way that it keeps it secured to the face so the colder part remains as near to the skin as possible.

Halo Sport


The trend of using hot gadgets used in the Olympics is slowly on the rise. We may see some more and better in the next iteration. As far as the current edition of the Games is concerned, one of the top gadgets used by Olympic players is the Halo Sport. It is actually headphones that are used for sending the energy pulse who wears it from his brain. This assists in effective training. This “neuro priming” makes it possible for the motor cortex for sending positive signals to the athletes’ muscles to pull in better results.

Vert Jump Monitor


Out of the many hot gadgets used in the Olympics, there are some that are specific to only a certain type of sport. And one of them is Vert Jump Monitor. This is primarily used for US women’s volleyball team. It displays the jumps as well as the height gained by the player. All this goes on in real time, which makes it the USP of the device. If there’s anyone who is trying beyond the body permits, the team’s coach can take decisions regarding the switching of positions of there are no mishaps or injuries.

Solos Smartglasses


As smartphone and smartwatches, here the hot gadgets used in Olympics happen to be the Solos Smartglasses. Solos is actually a tech startup and has is tied to the cycling team of the United States. The interesting thing is that the people wearing these glasses will be seen and it will be those who have helped in the development of the smart glasses.

The frame is so designed that it beats the wind resistance. However, it’s still able to have sufficient airflow as well. The USP of the glasses is the Vista pupil scale display. It is tagged to be the tiniest hi-resolution optical module in the world.

NFC Ring


This is the era of electronic payment and many people believe in it. The swiftness and the security of these payment modes have added to a number of people embracing it and are one of the gadgets used by Olympic players. For the Rio Olympics, Visa is the official service provider. On the occasion of this edition of the Olympics, Visa decided to introduce to the world the Visa Payment Ring. The device gets the tag of being the first ever wearable to be NFC-enabled.

To test the device, 45 athletes from across the globe have been selected to sport this ring. Like any online payment method, it will also allow you to carry out purchases. These can be done at any location out of the 4,000 NFC accomplished terminals.


These are some of the hot gadgets used by Olympic players to test themselves out. They not only help in improving their performance but also to keep a keen eye on their daily routine and workout.

These hot gadgets used in Olympics are a great help if players have to avoid injuries or any sort of strenuous activities. If the players are safe and give due respect to their body, only then can they achieve name and fame at the world’s largest stage for games?


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