How to Charge Your Smartphones Safely With These Safe Methods

Considering the battery blast and fire-catching news that always keeps popping up, it’s necessary you know how to charge your smartphones safely. Adopt these safe charging methods.

How to charge your smartphones safely

How to charge your smartphones safely

The lifespan of the batteries being used varies in between a year to three years. People often abstain from playing online games in the fear of losing out on the performance of their battery. With correct charging techniques, you have nothing to be worried about.

If you are facing problems related to the battery life of your device, it can probably be because of your odd habit of charging your phone in improper ways, here are few pins you should follow while charging your smartphone: Try to uphold the percentage of your battery between 80% to 20%. Like if it reaches 20%, plug in the charger and do not top it to 100% except once or twice a month. Now, here are some steps on how to charge your smartphones safely:

Let’s follow simple steps here:

  • Avoid draining it to 0% except you do not have other option. This may possibly decrease your battery life and its capacity.
  • Do not use charger other than the one you got with the phone. Every charger has a different output ratio which may not always proportionally suit your smartphone and you end up degrading your battery.
  • Charge your phone without the cover. Putting on different phone covers are in fashion but this does not allow the heat of the phone escape out which in turn increases the heat within while charging. Also, try to keep your phone away from heat zones.
  • Do not charge it overnight. Although smartphones are now featured with the ability to stop charging once they are 100% charged you never know the sad part. 3-4 hour of charging is enough to make it 100%, you should opt for short charging it enhances your battery life.
  • Try to charge the phone in flight mode, and avoid using it while charging. This does not allow the battery to retain the sufficient charges which in turn reduces the capacity of the battery and may take more than enough time to charge.
  • If you have an old smartphone which you use rarely, do not just drain and leave it. As the battery level decreases by 5 to 10 percent a day when not in use. To keep your phone alive charge it, because when the battery is 0 and not charged for a long time it loses its capacity for holding charges.


While having a poor battery performance might seem irritating to you, the low battery backup can be a threat to you. Many of you just use your phone and throw them off once they trouble you, but unknowingly you are the one causing those troubles. So, start acting smartly on your smartphones.

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