How to Connect Your Android to Your Television Screen

If you have a phone or other mobile system, chances are that you have considered the benefit to being able to have your screen display across the television you are so used to watching. There are so many different advantages to being able to see your Android display play out on the TV screen.

For those users who utilize an Android operating base, though, there are ways to connect your Android to your television screen. The following article discusses more on this topic.

The Steps

If you are ready to display your Android device on your television screen, you need to consider the steps below as must take actions in order to make it happen these steps include:

  1. Go to the Play Store on your device
  2. Download the application entitled Chromecast (note: this is important to do even if you do not have what is branded as a Chromecast device)
  3. Take your device and find which network your Google Cast device is connected to
  4. Connect to this same network
  5. Open the Chromecast application that you recently downloaded
  6. From there, you will see the option to cast your screen
  7. Click on the Cast Screen option
  8. Select the device you see that allows for Google Cast

If you follow these steps, then, you should be able to quickly and with ease open your device across different entertainment platforms. As such, you are opening up yourself to a world of possibilities and interesting content, viewed in a whole new way. No longer will your phone be just a phone. Rather, it will be a device that provides you with several different multimedia benefits.

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Note: You need a good internet connection for this to work well. There are many packages available that provide good TV deals with internet options. You can try for more information on available options.


There are several different benefits to bringing your Android device to the television screen. Firstly, it will allow you to display your images in a more vibrant and easily understood way. It can provide more professional graphics, too, in cases of presentation or when larger view is necessary without losing quality. Therefore, if you have an Android phone, you need to understand how to display your phone’s images onto the larger screen as we discussed above.

Displaying your phone on your television, as described, will also provide you the opportunity to see your Android updates and applications in a way you have not seen before. You will be able to view and play your downloaded games, for example, in a way that makes them seem more like a gaming console than just another television set. You will also be able to enhance the graphics of your device, creating a more realistic or entertaining viewing experience. If you are getting an Android device or have one, consider knowing these simple steps to displaying your items in a better way as an essential.


Remember, your device and television screen are all run on networks. If there is an issue with one, after making this connection, you will likely see the others having the same issues. Be mindful of this and ask if you have any questions about the connection of your devices or your internet service plans. You will also want to talk to your data provider as well to ensure that such a connection does not eat away at your data, costing you extra money.

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