How to Uninstall Multiple Apps with no Rooting with UnApp

We all use dozens of apps on our smartphones, right? And need to uninstall them often as well. But do you know, how to uninstall multiple apps at the same time? There’s a simple way – UnApp.

How to Uninstall Multiple Apps with UnApp

How many times we install apps just uninstall them as early as we install them. There are a few apps that sit in our smartphones forever, while some are guests. Many times it does happen that we do keep installing the apps and simply forget to uninstall them. And the result is, we keep stuffing the phone memory with unwanted apps. And soon quite a things end up being termed as trash.

How to uninstall multiple apps

Just as it’s important to know how to remove a virus from your Android smartphone, it’s equally vital to know how to uninstall multiple apps at the same time to save time.

Because the question is how do I mass delete Android apps, it doesn’t mean you must uninstall multiple apps simultaneously. The fun with UnApp is that it will let you uninstall a single app as well. This is how you can do it. Check the screenshots below to understand it.

Using UnApp

As you can see in the first image, the app 100MB is selected and you get the app count. Uninstall (1) app, as it suggests. It asks your confirmation if you are sure you want to uninstall that selected app. Post the confirmation, you will see the app vanished from the list, while the entire list is as it is.

Also, do mark the app count and the size it’s taking up on the disk. It works like a breeze, right? Personally, I’d select that individual app and delete it instead. This is an easier method with lesser steps and time involved.

Now, let’s move to our next question – how to uninstall multiple apps in one go? Now, this is where the UnApp really works cool.

I had installed Photo Editor – from two different companies, Photo Studio, PhotoCollage, and Photo Grid making them five in all. And here they are on the list.

As we uninstalled a single app, as shown above, the same method is followed for multiple apps too. It counts the number of apps selected. And you are ready to uninstall them in the next go allowing you to uninstall multiple apps. The shots will look something like this.

As you can see in the above image gallery, the app asks you each time you need to uninstall the app. And this is quite a simple way how to uninstall multiple apps. Such confirmation is very handy. In case you accidentally uninstall an app! Well, not a big deal, you can install it back, that’s the only extra effort you will need to take in his case.

Anyway, once you uninstall these apps, you will get your list without these apps. And in this case, it’ll look something like the below image.

How to uninstall multiple apps


I hope you will be able to better manage your apps with UnApp and with these tips. And now you know how to uninstall multiple apps with ease. Have you tried any alternatives to UnApp? Please put in your comments in the comments section below and let’s know your views on the same.

Note: This isn’t any sponsored or promotional post. It’s published only in the interest of better usability and user-friendliness for all Android users.

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