HTC U11 Squeezable Smartphone Set to Launch in India Today

HTC U11 is going to launch in India today with all the high-end specs and features which are a flagship phone in a true sense.


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HTC is all set to launch its squeezable Smartphone HTC U11 in India today. The latest device from the company with all the high-end specs is a flagship Smartphone in a true sense. And, this is because it can easily compete with LG G6, Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8. This is the first time that a company has launched a Smartphone which has squeeze-based interactions. Basically, HTC U 11 has been designed in keeping with the human touch. It has been named ‘U’ 11 as it implies a focus on you.

HTC Edge Sense

This latest Smartphone features an intuitive and natural sense of touch called the HTC Edge Sense. As it comes with a squeeze feature, you can easily do a lot of stuff on your Smartphone without even clicking on anything. From clicking pictures to operating Facebook, you can simply squeeze and get your work done. HTC U11 squeeze phone is best for selfie lovers. You can click as many pictures as you want without worrying about the awkward hand positions. Get this phone and stop worrying about dropping your phone anymore. Just lift, squeeze, smile and snap. Not only snaps, HTC Edge Sense also let you send texts without even typing. We all know how difficult it gets when we are writing articles on the go. So, now use Voice to Text and speak your messages instead of typing it. This means you can send texts easily and much faster than before.

The squeeze gesture can also be customized. For example, if you want to browse your mail, you can do it with a squeeze by customizing it. In the same way, start your favorite game and do a lot more by just customizing your favorite things which work with the help of a squeeze. It has an advanced feature of ‘short squeeze’ and ‘Squeeze and hold’ which makes the functionality even easier. The best thing about this HTC Edge Sense is that it can be used in every condition. Like, even if we are wearing gloves in the winter season it has capacitive buttons to respond in all weather conditions.

Liquid Surface

It sports a liquid glass surface that has been made with the use of Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition. This is a process where highly refractive minerals are crafted for creating layers that form together with the back cover of the phone. It has a seamless curved look with 3D glass on both the sides. This phone has been heated and then the glass has been bent with the use of extreme pressure. Due to this, the phone is very slim no matter you whatever way you hold it featuring unique 3-axis symmetry. It sports a 5.5-inch Quad HD 3D glass screen which has been designed for crisp, vivid images and text in every type of light including the harsh sunlight. Along with all this, HTC U 11 is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry anymore about the spills and splashes or even dropping your phone in the water.

HTC USonic

This phone has also introduced the upgraded version of HTC USonic. The latest version of HTC USonic has Active Noise Cancellation which can be used to tune the audio for your hearing preferences. It has USonic earbuds to provide advanced sonar-like technology which create personal and optimized listening experience with good quality audio. Also, with the Active Noise Cancellation, you can get rid of disruptions and distractions and enjoy your music peacefully. It has the power of monitoring the environmental sound levels. And, after monitoring, it adjusts the voice levels according to the background noise. This means you can enjoy your music, games, and videos without any interruptions.

They have also upgraded the HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition speakers. It provides better dynamic range audio and has better volume levels. It also has an acoustic chamber that makes the sound rich, louder, clearer and delivers a deeper bass. Hear it for yourself! HTC U11 will be shipped with USB-C 3.5mm adapter with a built-in DAC which is compatible with all the other devices as well.

Best for Selfie Lovers

The HTC U11 has got the highest rating for its camera by independent metric DxOMark4. The multi-axis optical stabilization system along with the super-fast autofocus makes the pictures and videos – sharp and smooth. It has introduced an Auto HDR Boost which will help the HDR making it clearer and the pictures better. It can also let you take multiple shots. The HDR also improves the texture, color, and visible details. Even in the video, Temporary Noise Reduction collects information from the previous and next frame video. And, hence removes unwanted noise on the basis of that by delivering clear videos.

This is a good device for even photographers. It has a new UltraSpeed AutoFocus that is generally found in top DSLR cameras. Due to this, it has faster focus speeds even if your hands are shaking. The front camera features 16-Megapixel details and the UltraPixel light sensitivity combines together to deliver best selfies in both day and night. The HTC U11 has three intelligent companions known as – HTC Sense Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. It offers even Baidu DuerOS but only in China. This Smartphone is also the first ever to sport a hands-free wake word access with the Alexa Voice Services. This service is only available to the customers residing in the US, UK, and Germany.

More Features and Specs

HTC U11 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. You get 25 percent faster graphics than the HTC 10, with 35 percent or 3 hours more video playback, 30 percent or 8 hours more music playback, and 43 percent or 3.5 hours longer internet browsing through an LTE network 6. It has an amazingly fast processor with a brilliant camera and awesome HTC USonic sound. This means that you would obviously need more storage for games, pictures, videos, and apps. Keeping this is mind; HTC U11 comes with a 4GB RAM/64GB storage option and 6GB RAM/128GB option. There are five color variants available in this model – Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Solar Red, Ice White and Amazing Silver. As we already know it is launching in India today. And, if we talk about the global launch, it has been made available from May 2017 onwards.

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