HTC U12 Renders: Dual Front and Rear Cameras With Really Thin Body

The HTC U12 renders show the phone having four cameras – two front and two rear cameras. And an extremely thin body. Enjoy the image gallery.

HTC U12 Renders

HTC U12 Renders

The latest HTC U12 renders show the smartphone in an extremely beautiful proposition. The two highlights of the HTC U12 are the four cameras – two each on the front and back. And the second highlight is the extremely thin body. The phone is highly talked about and is one of those that features in the top 10 upcoming smartphones of 2018.

As per the latest render available on the Japanese Amazon website, these HTC U12 renders are seen in full glory. The four cameras and the really thin body are easily jaw-dropping. A close look will show you that the phone also has a home button physically placed, obviously on the phone’s facing side.

Coming to the phone’s thickness, or should we say, thinness, it’s extremely mesmerizing. The image below will give you an idea of how thin the profile of the phone is. It’s hardly 6mm, making it one of the thinnest smartphones in the world.

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HTC U12 Renders

Launch Likely At Mobile World Congress

As of now, there’s no possibility of the phone being launched. However, the company might the device during the Mobile World Congress, which will be held next month. HTC is not going to launch phones in a heap this year, if we believe the reports. That’s why it is likely that they will focus only on launching flagships instead.

As a matter of fact, HTC has faced issues in gaining market share in the recent. However, the VR arm has given the company a much-needed floating power. And it won’t be wrong on the part of HTC to consider allocating some amount for its VR arm.

HTC U12 Renders Gallery

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