IFA 2017: LG V30 Unveiled with Envelope-Pushing and 4GB RAM

In the IFA 2017 event today, LG launched LG V30. LG believes V30 will give a tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 and Apple’s iPhone 8.

LG V30

LG V30 Launch

The brand new model will be made available in South Korea on September 21, 2017. From there on, LG will begin to expand its markets all around the world.

The year 2017 is all about smartphones and their screen-to-body ratios, and with regards t this, LG is all set to rule the market. The LG V30 sports a 6-inch 18:9 OLED FullVision display. However, the smartphone is still 8mm shorter and 3mm narrower than its forerunner, V20. The smartphone is 7.3mm thick and weighs about 158g. On the basis of these two essential specifications harbored in the brand new device, LG announces that its much hyped flagship is “the lightest in the midst of smartphones in the 6-inch and above category.”


Specs and Features of LG V30

By following the trend of dual rear cameras, LG’s V30 features 16MP and 13MP shooters. The South Korean tech giant also wants to particularly specify that V30 is the first ever flagship smartphone to feature a rear camera with an f1.6 aperture camera lens. What this means is that it lets in more light so that your image come as clear and sharp as they can. In the meanwhile, the glass lens is believed to transport more accurate colors and clearer images than the usual plastic lens. As you would have thought, LG believes that such a magnetic duo makes the camera system “the most capable image capturing device in a smartphone.”

If you have been in awe of the V20’s second screen, then LG will attempt to pacify you by pointing to the smartphone’s always-on display (AOD) technology, along with its floating bar features. The AOD technology gives full access to the shortcuts, which in turn leads to quick tools and the music player. This happens when the screen is off. On the other hand, the floating bar can also be customized with as high as five apps so that the user can easily access the most frequently used apps.


Audiophiles will be the happiest people when they learn that LG has also embraced a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, along with a set of earphones by B&O PLAY. And yes, there’s a headphone jack too in the device. The user will be able to select from a total of three digital filters in order to adjust to the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response. Consequently, the four pre-programmed presets will allow users to change the sound frequencies and decibel scales. LG V30 supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology. This technology permits a high-resolution audio streaming.

With regards to the smartphone’s software, the device ships along with an Android 7.1.2 Nougat. But you can hope for it to be upgradeable up to the Android Oreo version. All the VR experts will be overjoyed to know that V30’s Daydream support is available out of the box. But alas, this is not applicable to ARCore. To sum it all up, if Samsung is focusing on Bixby for a higher position, then LG is fully emphasizing on Google Assistant to beat its competitions.

Exclusively speaking, the digital assistant will come equipped with some exceptional LG capabilities. This is known to majorly help users. For example, the users will now be able to say “Okay Google, take a close up selfie” in order to start the camera app. For this, the user will have to set the front-facing camera on a particular mode. Additionally speaking, LG’s V30 will also make use of an advanced signal processing unit, which will allow the users to make use of “Ok Google” voice command even when loud music is playing in the background. If you are a die-hard LG fan, the best part for you here will be the integration of the V30 lineup with all other LG appliances. These appliances include washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air purifiers, ovens, air conditioners, robot vacuums, as well as Google Home. Users will somewhat be able to say “Okay Google, talk to LG to fix the temperature of my room.”


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