Importance of Processor and RAM in a Mobile Phone

While shopping for a mobile phone people take into consideration many aspects of a handset and importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone is equally considered vital by many. Those who have technical knowledge are able to understand the role of both. But those who are not that much equipped about this information are unable to give them weight while purchasing a phone over the outlook of it. They are also confused about the thing whether these two are interconnected in terms of functioning or not.

Importance of Processor and RAM in a Mobile Phone


In the way more mega pixels for a camera does not mean a better image, similarly more RAM does not mean faster performance. Or even a better processor won’t mean you will get hiccup-free performance. The output depends on the combination of both these factors. Many people are living with a myth that an improved RAM will give you smoother processing. Let’s bust this myth for you today.


The abbreviation stands for Random Access Memory. It is a place used to store applications that cannot be accessed by the processor of the phone. In other terms it can be termed as the memory of the phone.


The main task of the processor is to process the inputs that are received by the smartphone. It is an engine that finds out its way to work and makes use of all the resources it has. It can be fundamentally termed as the brain of the device.

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Link between the Processor and a RAM

Let’s a bit deeper to understand the importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone If we consider from a technical point of view then RAM has got nothing to do with the performance of the processor or influence the functioning of it in any way. Or to put it in other words it cannot boost the processing speed of the processor. However, it has the ability to influence the overall performance of the device. This is so because it is here where all the running apps of the phone are stored. So now you know the importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone.

Illustration of the Link between the two

If the device runs on a, say, 1GHz processor, then it may function quite fast but if it is accompanied by a low RAM and if it is used for heavy multitasking or a resource hog game or app, then the error in terms of time lag or response lag crops up. The process gets slowed down in this case. This is so because when the RAM is fully occupied, the rendering begins to suffer. That very instant it can be noticed that the device begins to function very slowly, the amount of RAM directly affects the performance of a device.

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On the other side of the fence, if the case is altered, that is, if a slow processor with RAM of 2GB is used, it will also not work out in a required way and speed. Therefore, it can be said that RAM, to a great extent directly has an effect on the performance of the handset. So, it should be ensured that there is a perfect combination of the two. This is how we can talk about the importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone

The Final Words

Whenever there is a question about technology in association with the RAM and the processor, it must be kept in mind that a tradeoff is required where the capacity of RAM is appropriately traded off for the quality of the processor to get a perfect blend. RAM offers a better hold to run many apps simultaneously whereas the processing speed gives results. Higher the speed, faster is the result.

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  1. Which is more important for a smart phone a processor or a RAM? I have used many smartphones and most of the time I face issue with their performance if I open 02- 03 apps it got hanged. Can you suggest what should I look in a mobile phone before purchasing it?


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